2P Switzerland is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "Another Colour". He is not as developed in the terms of appearance or personality as some of the more popular characters. He received the human name Voss Zwingli.

Attributes Edit


He is portrayed with choppy blond hair in a chin-length bob cut with golden eyes or light blue eyes. He wears a maroon jacket, a belt, a white collar shirt, a golden cross necklace, maroon pants, and a matching maroon hat with a little golden cross or a white beret. Unlike his counterpart, he rarely is seen with a rifle. He has a cross-shaped scar on his right shoulder instead of his left.

His golden cross necklace is a gift from his little sister 2P Liechtenstein oppose to 1P Liechtenstein's pajamas as a gift.


Like his counterpart, he is eternally neutral but doesn't take it so seriously. He is rather shy, nervous, gentle and naive. He loves meeting people and always welcome them into his house without harm or threatful warnings. Instead of being frugal, he often buys expensive cheese of his variety, which means he is bad at saving money unless he's very desperate for something else more valuable to buy. He can be kind by offering others to have lunch with him taking the bills. Sometimes he would let others buy their lunch for him to save money like his counterpart would do. However, during the Great Depression, he restrains himself to not buy expensive food and buy many. He is also protective of Liechtenstein but doesn't look after her very much than 1P Switzerland because she's rather more self-reliable and prefers to look after herself than her brother. But she does care about him too.

Relationships Edit


He is Liechtenstein's older brother, who found her and taken her into his care. She usually is rough and strict with him, especially expecting him to teach her to defend herself since he has a military although her weapon is a dagger. When she cut her hair just like 2P Switzerland, she doesn't like admitting she likes him and wanted her hair like his, despite her flat chest that she'll be easily mistaken for a boy. In spite of her formal, rude attitude, she greatly cares for her older brother.

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