England was a part of the Allied Forces during World War II. He/she once had several colonies throughout the world but had lost them all over a period of centuries until no more colonies were under British control.

England and France were rivals ever since their creation and continue to be to this day.

Player 2 Edit

2P!Nyo!England is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia manga/anime character of "another color".

Her human name is Olivia Kirkland or Baines.

Appearance Edit

2p!Nyo!England has strawberry hair and wears pigtails kept up by what appears to be dark brown ribbons. She wears bobbie pins on her left side of her head and has blue eyes. She lacks the freckles of her counterpart. She wears a pink dress with a frilly white apron with pockets and carries a broom like her 1p! version.

Personality Edit

2p!Nyo!England is a good cook like her counterpart, but she specializes more so in cooking pastries. She has a Flying Chocolate Bunny as a companion and, like her 1p! counterparts, can see fairies, sprites, etc.

She, like her counterpart, is very polite and hates cursing. She, like her counterpart, keeps a swear jar in which people who curse must pay up. She is sensitive, and can be sighted often comforting herself by hugging others unnecessarily.

She becomes angry and upset whenever someone insults her cooking. After she chews them out she leaves the room to cry for a while, as she cannot take insults lightly.

She believes in keeping her house as neat as possible and is kind of OCD when it comes to a filthy room. Even if the slightest thing is unorderly she cleans or straightens it up immediately.

She is always smiling and is very energetic and bubbly. She always makes sure everyone is having a good time and cheers up those who are feeling down. She is also optimistic.

She rarely drinks, but when she does she, like her counterpart, becomes a particularly angry drunk. However, this only happens if someone sneaks alcohol into her food or drink.

She can be very sentimental like her counterpart, as well as understanding.

Interests Edit

She loves cooking and loves smiling faces. She tries to always be there for people.

She prefers to grow her own ingredients, as they make her pastries taste better, in her opinion.

Common 2p! Traits Edit

It is common for Player 2s to be portrayed as murderous, sociopath and possibly insane. To most, they are a darker version of the original Nations. However, because the Original Nations can be portrayed the same way by the fandom, how much hold this has depends on the person making the story.

2p!Nyo!England's choice of weapon would be poison in her cupcakes.