There are many misconceptions about the 2P Hetalia universe.

Main MythsEdit

Myth: 2P's are Canon and There's Going to be an Episode on ThemEdit

Actually, 2P's are fan creations based on some alternate designs of North Italy, Germany, and Japan shown by Hidekaz Himaruya. He offhandedly mentioned that they looked like they were running an evil organization, and thus fans assumed that the characters were darker versions of the Hetalia characters.

That being said, even if they do end up featured in an episode, the popular fan-personalities cannot be used by Himaruya, since they are not his creations.

Hidekaz Himaruya himself has never given 2p's separate identities, and for all we know they could simply be the characters in different clothes.

Myth: All 2P's are Evil TwinsEdit

Actually, not all 2P's are evil, insane, or psychopaths. 2P Germany, one of the earliest 2P's, was never intended to be evil at all. 2P France, while a jerk, is not evil, but rather fairly neutral.

However, the ones that are evil (2P America, England, and others) are more popular and more well known than the non-evil ones. This is why many believe all 2P's to be evil, when in fact many are not.

However, that is only the most widely accepted theory. As they have no personalities, and are completely blank slates, them being 'evil' is just a guess.

Design MythsEdit

Myth: All 2P's are Their Country's OppositeEdit

Actually, many 2Ps represent another aspect of that country, or are very similar to their 1P version. 2P Japan, for example, represents Japan's more military style and some of the more negative stereotypes of Japan. 2P France, while fairly different from his 1P counterpart, represents various negative stereotypes of Frenchmen.

However, many 2P's are still intended to be opposites. 2P America, for example, is evil because 1P America likes to be the hero. 2P Canada is more outspoken and masculine than 1P Canada. However, 2P Canada is also based on older stereotypes of Canadians being tough outdoorsmen.

By intentions, we mean the fandom's interpretation. All of them are simple recolors.

Myth: They Don't Look Anything like 1p'sEdit

Actually, they are supposed to be designed to basically be recolors, with only minor appearance differences, with some exceptions. (EX 2p Prussia, while not a recolor, still is simply a long-haired version of Prussia. 2P Greece only looks different because he is tidier.)