2P! Latvia is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of another color. His most used human name is Raimonds Galante.
2p latvia


In one version, 2P! Latvia is the same height as his 1P! counterpart. He has brown hair and light skin. He usually wears beige or brown.

His eyes are either a dark blood red, violet like 1P! Russia's, or blue like his counterpart although it is uncommon.


  • He doesn't speak a lot and when he does, there is a 99.99% chance he is going to say something negative or insulting. He doesn't give a damn about history and he thinks love and family are pointless.
  • Don't mention his height; you probably won't come out alive.
  • He scowls and smirks a lot.
  • You should never get into his personal space or else he might chop off your head. Nobody goes into his room and comes out without a couple of major injuries. If you come out alive that is. He doesn't mind using cruelty when he wants or has to, and usually wants to.
  • Unlike his counterpart, he never lets anyone see him scared or nervous because that is a sign of weakness. He is very self-conscious and doesn't want anyone to think of him as weak. That is partially because of his height and that he is one of the youngest in physical age. However, he has a "dark" secret: he loves to be held by just about anyone and will sleep more peacefully if rocked. He doesn't tell this to anybody however, for obvious reasons.