2P Greece is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "Another Color". Known as the Hellenic Republic ((Ελληνική Δημοκρατία) Ellinikí Dimokratía) dubbed as Greece.

His received the human name Hermes Karpusi.

Appearance Edit

He looks pretty much like his 1P! but his hair is a bit lighter, he has dark blue eyes, he wears a dark blue policeman costume and white gloves. His casual clothing consists of plain clothes and glasses. He also has a small curl on his head and another small curl on the back of his neck.

Personality Edit

Hermes is a rude Greek who laughs easily and makes dark humours. He loves dogs, unlike his counterpart who is a cat lover. The people he likes and dislikes are unlike his counterpart, he likes 2P Turkey, 2P Germany, he dislikes 2P Italy and 2P Japan. Unlike his counterpart, he doesn't like to sleep. He preferred to explore his city town and find ways to make it a big success. 2P! Greece can be considered a pervert in some cases and doesn’t mind talking about anything sexual. 2P! Greece is not afraid to show a lot of skin or strip down completely. He also doesn’t mind having sex, be it male or female. Hermes has a large temper and can resort to violence when enraged.

Common 2P! Traits Edit

It is common for 2P!s to be portrayed as murderous, sociopathic and possibly insane. To most, they are a darker version of the original Nations. However, because the Original Nations can be portrayed the same way by the fandom, how much hold this has depends on the person making the story.

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