2P Czech Republic is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia manga/anime character of "Another Color".

The only name she has is Frida Novakova.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

The Czech Republic is more in the "fuck off" attitude and is very impolite. Very rarely, you'll get her respect and trust, Slovakia is the only one she is very trusting towards. She actually believes in God in the Christran sense, however, with her activites, she doesn't have time to go to chruch and pray. She smokes daily, without concern, has been into illegal gang activity (which includes multiple murders of former WWll soldiers).

The Czech Republic just doesn't like to follow the rules of her own country. She also collects the most valuable motorcycles in the world, where she puts them in an underground garage, under great condition.

Common 2P! Traits Edit

It is common for '2P's to be portrayed as murderous, sociopathic and possibly insane. To most, they are a darker version of the original nations, or '1P's as they are known. However, because the original nations can be portrayed the same way by the fandom, how much hold this has depends on the person making the story.