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    Si since the wiki si getting out ir control. I hace felt someone needs to take control of the wiki.

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    January 21, 2017 by APHASSTRIA

    2p Liechtenstein the neutral ass is a neutral and tsundere character , much like 1p switzerland.


    2p Liechtenstein is shown wearing a green soldier shirt and green soldier pants, or a ace bandage around her chest with a green skirt with a buckle. she wears boots and is normally shown with a knife.


    2p Liechtenstein is neutral, tsundere, just everything that !p switzerland is, which is a lot of things

    Videos she appears in

    there has never been an official 2ptalia movie but she does appear in the trailer, which means she will be appearing in the movie on the YT channel Artistic Vivi.

    Name: Liliet Zwingli




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  • NeonPoisoning

                2pHungary, Julia Hedervary looked around, she knew this place, from a long time ago. The hands of time had ticked back to the year of 1203, 1:39 a.m. in the forest near her old house. The dark sky was laced with flecks of falling snow; they fell so heavy they made a quiet, 'tick, tick' sound when they reached the blanket of snow that had already settled on the frozen ground. Angry chants from the townspeople echoed through the trees and boomed in her ears.

                "Hadd égnek! (Let him burn!)" They cried. "Hadd égnek! Hadd égnek! Hadd égnek!" The screams sent her heart racing.

                "Nem! (No!)" She screamed, taking off in an all-out run. "Állj meg! (Stop!)" Her loyal archers and knights calling after her, torchs clasped in cold han…

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  • PyroGothNerd

    Keeping the wiki updated

    September 7, 2015 by PyroGothNerd

    When a new 2p country page is added (not counting nyotalia) please ade it to the fitting gallery section on the home page. Please and thank you

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  • 2p!fem!china


    June 9, 2015 by 2p!fem!china

    Austria isn't a Farley known or wrote about often so no one really knows to much about her though they know she raised north Italy along with the holy Roman empire with the help of Hungary

    Looks:Austria is extemly beautiful she has black hair along with violet tip as long as her 1p.Her eyes are a very light gold much like 1p!Italy she also appears to have a very punkish style and probaly dosent care for classical

    Personality:Austria is cold judgmental and rude she'll most likely have a killing spree if you annoy her to much

    Likes:                                                                                                 -darkness                                                                                           -anything rock.    …

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  • Qazsarea


    April 12, 2015 by Qazsarea

    Hi everyone ! So I am planning a fairly big project where I'm editing basically every country and adding a whole lot of other ones that have been forgotten. If you check the recent wikia activity you will see I have been busy so far. If any of you would like to join me, that would be fantastic and I will appreciate it. Currently, I am going through all the articles that are already here and adding things here or there. For the most part, they're very well done ! If you need a source for your research, I have found a place with lots of info on many of the 2p!s that are not all here.

    Ciao !
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  • Moonstone15


    September 16, 2013 by Moonstone15

    2p! serenia is a charatar created by moonlightwolf15 for her fanfiction story on devianart

    she has the happy go lucky personality of 2p!england and goes by the name of lilian-amber.water lily her name, lillian in serenian means angel. unlike the other 2p's she believes that everything in life has a perpose, meaning only bad people should die. also unlike the 2p's she doesn't kill people.


    lillian is desribed as a girl looking exactaly like her counterpart, except she has redy orange hair tied up by a blue bow in a high pony ta, her eyes are a neon blue colour, she is always pictured in a alice in wonderland kind of dress but in a neon blue colour, a white frilly apron, white wrist gloves,a frilly white choker, knee high stockings and…

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  • Melspuppies8282


    Okay, it you are still reading I think my 2P! would be like this:

    • Blonde Hair
    • Thin
    • Red Eyes
    • Pale Skin
    • Yellow Finger Nails

    I think her personality would be like this:

    • She would be very homocidal, and would be more like Italy.
    • She would be frowning, but not get angered easily.
    • She would hate shopping, but love getting things.
    • She wouldn't feel sympathy for anyone.
    • She would hate the happy-go-lucky 2P!s.
    • She would be a clean-a-olic.
    • She would be mean, arogant, and snobby.
    • Gold digger-ish.
    • Swears alot.
    • Kill who got in her way.
    • Doesn't get offened easily.

    I think this would be her:

    • Friends with Italy, Russia, America, and Canada.
    • Be enemies with England, Romano, and B…

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