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2P! Austria is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "Another color". His appearance and personality are consistent, though underdeveloped. He received the human name Roland Edelstein.


Austria's hair varies from brown, black, blond and occasionally red. His eyes are often seen to be either brown or red.

His clothing is similar to his counterpart (Roderich), although it is usually colored black and red rather than purple.


Not much is known about him, but he is said to like rock music, cleaning the house orderly and is an outdoor person. He despises classical, unlike his 1P, and is usually depicted playing the electric guitar. He also loves marine animals unlike his counterpart being afraid of them.

He tends to have his own blog and take selfies of himself rather than being camera shy.

Oppose to his 1P counterpart, he is loud, reckless, and has a great sense of direction that he can easily figure out which way to go. He doesn't take high priority to his hobbies than his work, he just doesn't want to work when he wants to.

In some interpretations, he is viewed as very perverted and good with makeup. The only time he doesn't seem to be perverted is around 2p Hungary. He's either bisexual or straight. (Not around 2p Hungary though)

In some interpretations, he seems to have a penchant for black magic. Some fans think he has a cellar in which he practices spells and summons.

Headcanons depict him as very suave, using nicknames like 'sugar' and 'angel ' much like 2p America. Unlike his 1p, 2p!Austria has a soft spot for 2p!Prussia as a boyfriend. Certain headcanons suggest that he is overprotective of 2p!Prussia, as well.