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2P!Hetalia Wiki is a fanmade website where fans create and post fanmade or official 2P characters from Another Color. Another Color is based of the original Hetalia but they have completely different design and fans theorize them as "evil and darker versions". They are commonly refereed as 2P. We also refereed "Another Color" as 2Ptalia or alternate versions. 2P stands for 2nd Player as they represent a different personality, though there could be other meanings. Unfortunately, none of them have been given personalities. 2P Nyotalia designs are also allowed as long they're are drawn as 2P versions.[1] The alternate versions originated from a drawing Himaruya posted with the Nyotalia cast with alternate color schemes and opposite personalities.

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2p!Hetalia Runaway Baby - MEP

2p!Hetalia Runaway Baby - MEP


【 ヘタリア The Movie】Stuck Between Different Worlds 『Promotional Video』-0

【 ヘタリア The Movie】Stuck Between Different Worlds 『Promotional Video』-0